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Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Operating Systems, SmartPhones, Updates | 0 comments

2X LG finally updated to Ice Cream Sandwich

2X LG finally updated to Ice Cream Sandwich

The epilogue worthy of a primetime soap opera. Yes, no, that may be, we do not know, that everything is false, and that – finally – there is a happy ending. LG finally began updating its flagship phone of last year, the Optimus to Ice Cream Sandwich.

To upgrade as appropriate to define South Korea’s availability, you need to download specific software to do this, but you should have no problem to give a breath of new life into a team that seemed doomed to live the rest of his days in Gingerbread, depriving their users to use many applications that serve only from 4.0 onwards and all that that implies.

Perhaps this is a good weekend project … Sure, that if not you got bored of waiting and ended up selling your 2X disappointed and upset with his poor after-sales support.

Link: LG Optimus 2X finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich (Phandroid)

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