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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

60% of App Store applications have never been downloaded

60% of App Store applications have never been downloaded

(CC) S. Balcomb

The company’s analysis of German mobile Adeven a study concluding that about 60% of from the App Store-about 400,000-are ‘zombie software’, ie they have never been downloaded, they are invisible to users and never been voted on. Not once.

Adeven CEO, Christian Henschel said that “in reality, only a few thousand applications are able to be downloaded. Is Apple’s closed system, costs to discover new applications as the only means available to find them is through ranking lists of applications from the App Store, “Henschel said. “If you are not on these lists is unlikely to find someone. The top 25 applications tend to be of the same companies that spend millions of dollars to climb in the rankings.

The company will begin testing applications for Android in the fourth quarter, it will be interesting to know if there are so many Google applications Play as zombie in the App Store, where you can find 1,899 different applications to use the iPhone as a flashlight.

Link: 400.000 apps in the App Store downloaded Have Never Been says report (

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