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Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems | 0 comments

99% of mobile viruses of 2012 was for Android

99% of mobile viruses of 2012 was for Android

The robot has spent the year Googler targeted by writers phones. This is confirmed in his study Lab in 2012, when he states that 99% of malicious software developed for wireless devices this year has been for Android.

From up trojans or spyware exploits, attacks that would have been a victim influenced the launch of Bouncer, an analysis module Play Google applications whose existence has so far served to significantly reduce the incidence cases of malware in the operating system that brings to life a host of teams from companies like Samsung, LG, Sony or HTC.

According to the report from Kaspersky, perhaps one of the most emblematic cases has been the Dougalek, a virus that greatly affected the privacy of users’ personal information.

Furthermore, the study by specialist company, showed that “cybercriminals” are still using old methods created: masquerade software security certificate or posing as antivirus software, specifying the attack by Zitmo and SpitMo (or Zeus and SpyEye).

But not all attacks deal specifically with equipment damage. A common practice is to steal information for the location of certain artifacts and thereby decipher where their owners at some point.

At this point you have to be a little suspicious: the analysis of virus usually come from antivirus companies and end up recommending more or less discrete acquiring a package of protection for our devices … Eventually … To what extent we are interested in “protecting” our teams with antivirus license expires at the speed of the
light? If we see it: more than twice a year overflow protection software and require optimized versions to combat new viruses …

How many of you have paid for a mobile antivirus for this year?

Link: 99-Of-mobile-viruses-have-been-directed-to-Android-in-2012 / “rel =” bookmark “> 99% of mobile viruses Have Been directed to Android in 2012. (Delta World).

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