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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

A Nexus Asus Tablet running benchmarks appears in Jelly Bean

A Nexus Asus Tablet running benchmarks appears in Jelly Bean

Bizarre, but true. All the rumors regarding the supposed tablet from that would be manufactured for are beginning to have some validity for a while, he began to reportase the appearance of an alleged Asus Tablet to Nexus

The model, codenamed “Nexus 7″ would indicate that this is a 7-inch tablet, which makes sense with all that has been said about this team, which – in addition – is running on 4.1. What is striking about this is that the Android version is JRN51B … If they report, the first letter of this short code is always related to the name of fantasy that have operating systems, and in this case Jelly – or – fits perfectly .

What could this mean? Well, first of the is a reality. And secondly, that Jelly (or Jelly Bean, or whatever) is just an update and not a soft version of operating system entirely. Yes, this may disappoint many, but is consistent with the behavior that Google has to update their androids in recent times.

We are very close to reaching Google I / O, and is more than certain that we will know much more about it here. In fact, it is almost a certainty that those who go to this quote from developers will have one of these tablets in the basket of gifts after the event. Of course, I envy them a bit.

UPDATE  -> Various specialized media are also reporting that have views of the alleged Nexus Tablets. AndroidCentral is ensuring that they have reviewed their servers and record that using this equipment. Sure many more will discover the same thing soon.

Link: Leaked info names the Nexus Asus tablet and adds cred to the Jelly Bean rumor (PhoneArena)

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