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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Acer regarding proprietary interfaces ensures that “you do not need to rewrite Android”

(CC) Liewcf

In an interview with TechRadar , executives claimed that the Taiwanese company would be very interested in making phones with Windows Phone 8 due to “the phenomenal way that integrates with the rest of the ecosystem of Microsoft”, but nevertheless, expect to see how it behaves in the market this year to decide whether to issue or not to manufacture WP8 phones.

Another interesting revelations of the company to pass TechRadar Acer’s relationship with the operating system: “Found by our previous experience it is very difficult to maintain its own for Android (…) What we do is try to highlight their features principal and improve the user experience with small improvements to the interface as the camera or the log book, “said the president of the global division of Acer smartphones, ST Liew.

With this, Acer stands apart from other major manufacturers and their fascination with creating great own Android as Sense of HTC , Emotion Huawei or TouchWiz Samsung, saying that Android already works well, so it is not necessary to go modifying it.

“No need to rewrite Android” they said in Acer. “Our modifications are relatively small, but the benefit to users is high. People already know Android, like, and not try to change or modify their behavior,” said the Taiwanese company.

Link: Acer: Android is not broke so we will not try to fix it (TechRadar)

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