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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Amazon announces notification system ‘push’ applications Kindle Fire

Amazon announces notification system 'push' applications Kindle Fire


said it will launch a notification system ‘push’ (which is where the request for sending data originates from the server rather than the client) specifically designed for the Kindle Fire, called ‘Amazon Messaging Device’.

For now the tool-only run in the second generation of tablets, is free and only for developers, but it will be very useful for applications Amazon tablet, because until now developers could create their own notification system ‘push’ for each of your applications.

According to the company, this tool will extend the battery life because applications will not have to constantly send requests to their servers to check for new notifications, so far for this technology, the would be on par with their competitors, Android and iOS.


Amazon Device Messaging API Developer Participation Request (

Amazon finally push gins up dedicated messaging system apps for Kindle Fire, now in beta (The Next Web)

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