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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Ebook Readers | 0 comments

Amazon sells more digital books than paper in Europe

Amazon sells more digital books than paper in Europe

Did you read last was on or on an eReader? In the UK the trend is clear: conquer Readers and Amazon, for example, sold more and paper.

As you read: The triumph of digital is confirmed by the folks at Amazon, both in the U.S. and UK, which say they have noticed an upward trend in selling digital versions of books from last year, when said that for every 100 paper books, hardcover or soft, sold 105 digital titles for Kindle.

And we knew that in the United States ruled the digital , but now from UK explained that the trend to digital treads too heavily in Europe: They say that since starting in 2012, for every 100 printed books they sell in their British version, have sold 114 in digital format. Ie, the gap becomes greater also between digital and printed.

From the British division of e-commerce giant wanted to also emphasize how the electronic book readers increase Sales more than piracy, because they insist on having found that users of the Kindle, for example, buying an average of four times more books what they used to have the device … do they sell more!

A curious fact is that Amazon offered by many buyers also buy Kindle books for the print version … Could it be that the sensations to turn the pages and the smell of printed pages of books? Difficult to know if that’s why, or is it because after reading the digital version, decide to give the printed book to someone who is a member of Kindle, for example …

In short, Amazon’s data do no more than confirm what has long seems clear to many but there are still major publishers making the deaf: Ebooks are already present, and represent an incredible opportunity for authors who can to present their works in this format without the hassle of printing copies.

Link: Kindle ebook sales Amazon Have overtaken print sales, says book seller (The Guardian)

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