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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

An alleged photo of Xperia ZU arises before launch

An alleged photo of Xperia ZU arises before launch

Huge. Nothing more can be said of Xperia ZU if the photo you can see above is real. This is the next to hit the market by Sony, consolidating a sprawling trend of smartphones justified by the option of using a larger screen under the premise of “more is better”.

An alleged photo of Xperia ZU arises before launch image 2

Recall that the Xperia ZU is called to be a 6.44-inch device that will plant competition phablets whole wave of the market leading manufacturers are planning to within the next few weeks, including the third-generation Galaxy Note and other devices Chinese origin.

And yes, the Xperia ZU course have a stylus, but the one in the picture will not be clear. That seems more ordinary pencil writing on a post-it – the typical yellow paper office notes – which is almost the same width of the device screen.

Remaining hours to know more about this team, and – of course – we will look at this move by that might not be the only one to see them this week. Remember that there is a strong rumor that says the Xperia ZU come hand in hand with a new smart watch.

Link: Alleged picture of the Sony Xperia ZU phablet leaks before announcement (PhoneArena)

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