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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Tablets | 0 comments

Analyst believes that Microsoft could be working on its own phone

Analyst believes that Microsoft could be working on your own phone

After Microsoft filed this week its new tablet / PC Surface, seem to take too seriously the idea of starting to create their own hardware again. Of course, this does not include the failed attempt they had with the output of Kin. And is that having a well prepared software – Windows Phone – the only thing that is missing would be to make a phone under its brand to be in control of the experience.

This also seems to think Rick Sherlund, an analyst at Nomura Securities, who estimates would not be surprised that the firm next year launch its own smartphone to finish Windows Phone brand new Apollo 8 and thus promote an aspect which had failed recently address the best way.

Consider that Microsoft currently has an agreement with Finland’s Nokia for you “lend” their computers to show off its mobile operating system, developing as a preferred partner. Finland during the last hour is dedicated to record more losses than gains. So if we get extremists and Nokia comes to accentuate their problems, sure Microsoft will have in hand a plan B that could lead to market its own smartphone … Maybe absorbing the company that today makes Lumia.

Link: Microsoft Is Working On Building Its Own Phone, Nomura Says (Business Insider)

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