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Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Games, Operating Systems | 0 comments

Android consoles Want more? Here’s MOJO by Mad Catz!

Android consoles Want more?  Here's MOJO by Mad Catz!

We love the people who invent things and, in the case of consoles, almost better. The path taken by OUYA is increasingly transient, as MOJO, another based whose first units should be surfacing in the last quarter of this year.

And how will it be? A console and all, with HDMI, but CTRLR controller and memory up to 16GB, so after thinking that its features would be quite “expected” we definitely complemented the interface support for mouse and keyboard plus integration with App Store, Amazon and any other mobile application store.

Here a video shown by IGN:

So it’s not just for Android? Not clear. In principle, yes and would be more finished version on other consoles with this operating system, taking into account that this time it is not an initiative of “here we all” ode to crowfunding and open source, but a business plan which will launch at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles and possibly come to mean a new standard in games for mobile operating systems.

An important fact is that Mad Catz is considering this project only at hardware level, or at least that has been said, which very possibly will be opening a new vein for Android based developers during the year.

Link: Mad Catz to unveil Android MOJO game console at E3 to challenge Ouya . (Mobile &

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