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Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Equipments, Operating Systems, Security | 0 comments

Android is vulnerable to phishing

Android is vulnerable to phishing

The green robot arms have fallen short this time. A recent investigation by the State University of North Carolina found a vulnerability in the operating system, which would expose the equipment to via SMS.

The hole affects the latest versions of the operating system of Google: Gingerbread, and and operate under the figure of the false message or identity theft, a crime that has been practiced for many years and with which no progress mobile phones has so far managed to finish.

The short explanation is: the user installs an infected application from which the program activates his attack that appears as a text message from a known number, in which sensitive information is sought to usurp the identity or household payments unrelated to actual costs of the user.

As data to help prevent crime, the investigators decided not to share evidence or details of the vulnerability of Android until the hole is not settled. In fact, there is a patch on the way from to fix it. Undoubtedly, it is a #EpicFail, but could be worse: phishing is one of cybercrime most easily preventable by avoiding key information sharing through mobile.

Do any of you have received a suspicious message ever? Is there someone you know who has been a victim of phishing?

Link: Researcher uncovers Android SMS phishing vulnerability. (NetworkWorld)

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