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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Operating Systems, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Android Jelly Bean running on a HTC G1?

¿Jelly Bean Android running on a G1?  Itself, can be

The single image of the G1 brings many memories to those who departed in the world when he was just in its infancy. A phone designed to work only with T-Mobile, and that eventually worked its being adopted worldwide as a symbol of those seeking an alternative to the iPhone.

Time passed, passed the updates and the G1 was abandoned to their fate by Google, but not for developers who still embrace it with love and every so often you are approaching this as an unofficial … And of course, this also happened with Android 4.1.

The team has a single core processor of 532 MHz and only 192 MB of RAM. And despite barely deal with resource management and walk quite slow, this does not mean that you are running 4.1, something that – probably – many of the phones that are out there that can not always because of the life plans that manufacturers define for each phone.

Yes, it runs ridiculously slow … But yours probably do not do this ever. Here’s a video showing more details of what you have.

Link: HTC G1 Android rolling or Jelly Bean? Exemplo Vontade lack of two manufacturers (Tekimobile)

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