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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems, Security, SmartPhones, Tablets | 0 comments

Android Malware nearly tripled in 3 months

Android Malware nearly tripled in 3 months

Bad news for users, as the vast number of threats out there – potentially – could affect equipment based on this operating system, has increased almost threefold. This according to figures from Lab security emphasizes the growing phenomenon that will not stop quickly.

If during the first three months of the year accounted for 5,441 programs in the next three months reached 14,923 pieces of malicious code registered, all specially developed to attack Google’s mobile operating system.

49% of attacks emerged as threat levels that infects mobile, allowing you to steal data from calendar, send itself as an to your contacts and make the same practice to force the team to generate connections to servers that charge money to the account monthly the subscriber, and thus monetize practice.

18% of this software get full control of the phone and their interactions.

I do not want to be alarmist, but according to this evil phenomenon Kaspersky could become more dangerous, effective and personalized, as cyber attacks are aiming to achieve an excellent profile of each potential subject of this crime and could eventually make use of devices to achieve convergence even more accurate information to enable them to carry out his “business”.

Link: Android malware Triple Threats to Almost 15.000 in Q2 (IntoMobile)

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