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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Annoyed by the changes?? So you can backup your photos and close your account Instagram

Annoyed by the changes??  So you can backup your photos and close your account Instagram

Ok, I know. Over ah0ra someone can say “I told you … Nothing good could come of buying by Facebook”. Of course, this is at heart a business, and that’s not so surprising that Zuckerberg Boys want take advantage and monetize one of the most exciting purchases made this year.

Instagram users: If you have noticed that you’ve launched a new use policy that has left no one indifferent, and that focuses on commercial use without making you look benefited from any point of view by your creativity. That has led many users simply define close your account at this service and seek alternatives honest and friendly which has made – suddenly – the app again be interesting and even look like a Twitter filter good way to proceed.

If you want to be part of the of users, or just want to give a sign of disapproval to and Instagram, but do not want to leave all those pictures of countless meals, cats, landscapes and abandoned buildings around, this is what you should do.

As shown in Wired, Instaport is a good application to make all content you generated during this time and turn it into a ZIP file that should not weigh a lot. Given the contingency tool developers are working on a way to make those images and upload them directly to Flickr or Facebook … The latter would be about the same as keeping them in Instagram.

So … are you going to close your account? The important thing is not to get carried away by the discomfort you feel in the moment, or what other people say. Note that when you close the account on Instagram can not reactivate it, and also lose your username. Think carefully before you do.

Having thought through the issue, and making sure you are taking the right decision, and you are ready to close your account on the Service, Go to the website of Instagram, take a deep breath, think of all those friends who do not worship what you will say eat, give a last look at Nala , a final thanks and click on the option that allows you to slam the door in your chapter here and – maybe – get on with your life without filters.

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