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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

App Store has 900,000 applications, 375,000 of them are iPad

App Store has 900,000 applications, 375,000 of them are iPad

As part of 2013, Apple announced – as usual – news and a state of the situation over the last few months in the App Store.

According to figures from the Cupertino company, in-store currently features 900,000 iOS applications, of which 93% are discharged regularly during each month. In terms of for tablets, Apple asgura that 375,000 applications were created specifically thinking iPad.

In terms of profits for developers, Apple has distributed 10 billion dollars, which according to their statistics is 3 times more than all other programs combined developers. Wow!

As users and accounts are concerned, Apple says there are 575,000,000 different Apple ID apt to consume content in its various stores, and that a large majority of them have associated credit cards, ensuring power consumption and solid financial backing behind the store.

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