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Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Companies, Patents | 0 comments

Apple and Google are joined Kodak patents

Apple and Google are joined Kodak patents

Several months ago our editor Hugo Morales offered some details about the interest from Apple and Google to gain a broad portfolio of patents owned by Kodak . This weekend, the three companies together have made the news, this time because the enemy infinitely have conspired to make the most lucrative offer and stay with the of the ancient goddess of photography.

But this tipping point will not calm forever to visceral companies already occupy much space in the media for their releases as their conflicts. The unit will exist only for the supply of 500 billion dollars made is irresistible. So the war at home and will not take up fighting new enemies.

Patents have achieved this miracle of strategy have to do with the capture, manipulation and distribution of digital images obviously very desirable for two companies that focus on many occasions in the innovation capacity of their devices integrated cameras.

Recall that for about four months, the individual attempts to get and patents failed miserably in his pocket, a ruling that none of those involved can afford at a time when the visual content is what most users love to worldwide.

What do you think would happen if both lograsen shopping together? What turn would give this action to the eternal conflict between Google and Apple patents?

Link: Apple and Google Reportedly Working Together to Buy Kodak Patents. (Mashable)

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