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Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Applications, Operating Systems, SmartPhones, Tablets | 0 comments

Apple and Samsung in trouble for corrupt updates

Apple and Samsung in trouble for corrupt updates

They fight over patents, have problems with their designs and have engaged in a never ending battle to get the public’s preference adept smartphones. and have many issues that unite them, and now have one more: Failed Updates.

In Apple’s case, many users complain bitterly about the social networking inaccessibility of recently updated applications due to abrupt closure and phone reboots. At least 21 applications have been affected by this bug that makes the app useless to date, including Angry Birds HD Free Space, Pinball Maniacs and Instapaper.

In fact, the creator of this application that allows you to save content of websites to review them offline later described in his blog the reasons – in their view – could be causing these problems. “Obviously, Apple revised and worked for them. This makes no sense, “said Marco Arment, trying to calm the hordes of frustrated users who were going to complain.

Later, everything was arranged. What made it equally annoyed and puzzled the developer of Instapaper. “I have not yet received a response from App Review, so I do not know if this was fixed because I made noise, or simply because time passed, which could – for example – actually expire the cache with data corrupt,” Arment said. “The only solution for people with problems is to delete the application and reinstall it,” he said.

Other applications are still not functioning properly after the upgrade from the App Store.

Samsung also had a part in a history of disruptive upgrades, but in this case we speak of something slightly more serious: Firmware.

In Germany there are many users who have jumped for joy after finding a notice allowing them to access the longed-for version 4.0 of Android, a data package that weighs about 340 MB. And while still sounded jubilation in the air, the first reports from users upset that the phone stopped working tablet began to fill specialized forums.

To those to whom the Notice did not fail them after the upgrade, they found problems in the internet – both speed and stability – and problems across the board in the operating system.

Samsung is already working the same for investigating the problems and re-upload an update to run more stable.

Unpleasant day that he touched many developers and customers during the day yesterday, but now begins to take best face when approaching a definitive solution on both platforms.

Link: Apps crashing? Apple’s App Store to blame, says developer (CNET)

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