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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

Apple and Samsung return to face in court in the United States

Apple and Samsung return to face in court in the United States

(Cc) Kai Hendry

Apple and Samsung are now back in court in Silicon Valley, after the Korean company appealed the decision of the previous trial , hoping that Judge Lucy Koh eliminate the $ 1,050 million that the company was sentenced to pay, or at least recess that figure.

It is expected that during the hearing counsel for both companies argue about how much compensation should be handed over for infractions. According to Samsung, the jury incorrect legal standard used to encrypt the amount of the fine. Meanwhile, Apple believes that the fine should be increased by $ 535 million USD extra, considering that the jury said that Samsung infringed its on purpose.

Another point of contention is whether some of the Koreans should stop devices sold in the U.S. or not. Apple wants to ban the sale of 26 teams, including older models of smartphones and tablets in the Galaxy line. Several devices are quite old and not be a big damage for Samsung them out, but still involves a cost.

The fight between the two companies is far from over, and this new round court probably give us new episodes in this soap opera.

Link: Apple, Samsung back in court (WSJ)

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