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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Accessories | 0 comments

Apple backs out and allowed to continue universal charger project

Apple backs out and allowed to continue universal charger project

There is a popular walking around project called with charging a portable device for charging devices such as tablets and smartphones that have built-in addition to two USB ports, four connectors that can be modified to recharge micro-USB or 30-pin connector Apple.

The grace of the machine, the price when it’s released will be about U.S. $ 149, is that the battery is 26,000 mAh (thus would be able to fully recharge ten iPhones) while in the charger market of 18,000 mAh can cost about $ 220.

The problem is that a couple of weeks the device was in danger of failing completely, although it has raised U.S. $ 139,170 for a goal of $ 50,000, because refused to grant approval to the project because the design broke certain rules around the connector ‘Lightning’ to discourage any charger that can recharge also competing devices.

The developers had already announced the cancellation of the project and were in the process of returning the money to the 1,000 people who worked on Kickstarter, but finally Apple recanted and changed the rules for approving connectors, allowing the project to continue.

Definitely great news, because the cancellation of the project would mean the biggest refund money made by a failed project on Kickstarter, which would encourage further doubts about certain projects crowdfunding site that may not be viable.

Link: POP charger is a go … again (

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