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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Companies, Equipments, Patents | 0 comments

Apple computers linked over Samsung in patent litigation

Apple computers linked over Samsung in patent litigation

Patenting and demand, patent and sue … this circle of could increase its diameter with the addition of new devices in the that is active against a court and defendants whose list has been amended more than once. Now it is, nothing more and nothing less than to include the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, the Galaxy Tab 2 and Note II.

And according to Apple everything that is connected to the Internet These teams also have copied. Some days ago we learned that Cupertino would charge against Jelly Bean , so it was only a matter of time before the devices mentioned would join the list of hate created by the bite of the apple company, as they have recently received updates to Android 4.1.

Moreover, this movement does not arise from nothing: Apple is clearly answering Samsung that just days ago, requested the inclusion of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to patent litigation in which these companies have remained hooked for so long .

This is how it strengthens another case in which Apple will seek by all means be imposed against an opponent by means of patents. Historically we have reason to bet on both because, while some courts in the United States and Europe have given the victory to the creator of the iPad, others have decided to leave out gracefully to Samsung.

The truth is that nothing will stop you in your search Apple patent suits desperate, especially since a few days ago bought other more , and something else to be clear: if they lose the trial, they will not know how to apologize to your opponent legally.

Need to know what action to take Samsung to respond, just over a week of having declared that it is willing to negotiate with the company led by Tim Cook.

Link: Apple adds six Samsung products Including Note II, III mini S and Galaxy Tab 2 to California lawsuit. (FOSS Patent)

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