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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Companies, Patents | 0 comments

Apple is done with 1024 patents more

Apple is done with 1024 patents more

The feast of has just begun! If we think and the company has patented everything patentable, we know that they do not feel the same. Therefore, the Cupertino bought 1024 new patents to in negotiations initiated six months ago.

But what is The Rockstar Consortium and which patents are those? It is a technology group consisting of companies like Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony, which together have recently acquired some 6,000 patents valued at 4.5 billion dollars and oriented semiconductor, wireless 4G networks data, optical functions, and voice connectivity. In his day, Apple itself put 2.5 billion for this purchase, which means that somehow already had some interference in these patents.

But participating and owning is not the same and Apple wanted to go all of 1024 specifying the purchase patents that protect its intellectual property endless trials and contribute to future developments are increasingly independent. The purchase, by the way, has not yet been confirmed by Korean regulators.

Thus further closes the oligopoly of mobile world and could open new fronts from which to attack competitors Apple, how about this action? Do you agree with that patents are part of groups or companies that are better consider a specific company?

Link: Apple purchases patents from 1024 The Rockstar Consortium. (

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