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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Companies, Curiosities, Equipments, SmartPhones | 0 comments

Apple is forcing Siri to say what does not

According to Nokia, Apple is abusing his girlfriend. Finland accuses the Cupertino to forbid Lumia Siri say that 900 is the best phone on the market, as she herself declared until a few days.

And, after the world saw the peculiar response of the iPhone assistant to the question “What is the best phone on the market?” Siri has changed his mind and more than that, he’s taken to feign insanity .

The new answers to the same question are, for example, “you have in your hands” or “You’re kidding, right?” But the more noise that has done is “Wait … is that there are other phones?” already causing a stir on the Internet, not only because it is radically different from the answer you gave before, but because it contradicts its own existence: Is it that Siri did not know everything? How do you now know that there are other computers in the stores? Does that mean Siri iPhone does not know what is “best”, but simply conforms because he believes it is the only one?

Thus, Apple’s move to keep the mouth of Siri smartphone supremacy is far less like a point of honor than a shot in the foot, because Nokia has been quick to react by saying that Apple made changes to the Siri response to your work missing show you the most accurate.

“Apple has positioned Siri as the intelligent system that is there to help, but it is clear that if they like what they respond, replace the software,” said Tracey Postill, spokesman for the Finnish.

And you, what do you want to ask the wise guy from Apple? I, to be honest, I need a long talk with her, but I do not know if I answer honestly …

Link: Siri backs changes file STI mind Apple’s iPhone and Nokia Lumia over 900. (Metro)

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