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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Patents | 0 comments

Apple patent could allow companies and government off your smartphone

Apple patent could allow companies and government off your smartphone

He has just given a controversial that would allow the government – the United States for now – and other companies to “turn off” all your smartphone services within a certain area to avoid you can make use of these.

The name of the patent is “Apparatus and methods for enforcement of Policies upon a wireless device” or “Apparatus and methods for enforcing policies through a wireless device.”

The application for this patent does not involve only leave you without internet signal or, in fact, involves the power to block your phone functions. Police for example, could completely block the phones of an entire residential area if they are looking to make a raid to catch a major criminal. For the the idea is similar, only instead of looking to catch someone, could prevent bombs detonated via cell phone.

But in the case of civil applications, the patent could affect more users than you think. For example, one could seek to vacate the entire operation of the camera of your smartphone so you can not take photos or video of a concert. The problem here is not that you take photo or video ban, but residents of the contiguous areas would be affected and would affect constitutional rights, at least in the supposed “land of freedom”.

Link: Apple Patent Could allow companies and the Gov’t to shut down your smartphone in Certain Areas (Phone Arena)

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