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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

Apple reduced the production of iPhone 5 in 2013

Apple reduced the production of iPhone 5 in 2013

Did the Mayans were right? would be tempted by circumstances to cut production of the in 2013. In principle the fanboys this can make a lot of sense because, of course!, Insurance is the iPhone 5S, but some analysts say the reality is far less bright for the company on the block.

A difficult time? Of course, as in all businesses, some are lime and others are sandy. At this very moment Apple would be somewhat different from the image we have as a company has made invulnerable prosperity. Nothing to be alarmed unless we are part of the group of investors who have decided to be more wary of putting their money in the cause of Cupertino, as Apple’s repeated falls on Wall Street, having come to touching the $ 500 per share, almost less than half of its objectives provided in the end of 2012.

But what is being done wrong from Apple? In principle, a drop in the production of components of the iPhone 5 would “sabotage” the possibility of selling 35 to 40 million units, it was expected to settle for about 25 to 30 million units. Moreover, China is not being as receptive to this edition of Mobile as it was with its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

Now, let’s say an exercise in honesty, geek soul apart, this is understandable: the iPhone 5 is almost a nonsense if you consider how different is the former. There is no real reason for 4S owners it replaced by the new, that kind of “peculiarities” are paid for results … like coming down on the bag.

Still, the iPhone 5 is not the only thing that is giving headaches to Dad. The Mini is fast becoming the youngest and most annoying of this family, as many people would be preferring him at the time of purchase, shattering the numbers that guaranteed lifetime iPad that, when drawing accounts, was much more benefits than the baby of the house.

The fact is that Apple has said goodbye to the first half of December with a further fall in its shares, to 3.76% down on Friday and be less than $509 per share, the most serious downturn the company since February this year. Is the price per share of a company versus no surprise that Apple has seduced the world for years, whose projection per share touched a thousand dollars to close 2012.

Apple Will another RIM or another Nokia? No. At the moment the situation is more psychological than real implications. Apple has money and will continue to have. Has new projects and have people happy and in love with their products. However, every company wants to succeed steadily, without these trips.

Thus, stress is installed in Cupertino with a repetitive and unrewarding strategy: patent endless fights that result in financial wear and credibility for investors, launch teams with subtle changes over its predecessors that pass unnoticed by users, rivals that make their way to charm people with their developments and, particularly, either stomp to the ideals of that earned glory to Apple: Do not will enlarge the iPhone, the iPad bail it not, that not announced on TV … have listened to Steve …

Link: Analyst lowers iPhone, iPad 2013 sales estimates, Apple shares fall . (LA Times)

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