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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Downloads | 0 comments

Apple refuses to sell an ebook that mentions Amazon

Apple refuses to sell an ebook that mentions Amazon

Lock the book because it lists and delivery links to the store from the competition? Well, that is possible. Holly Lisle wrote a book which may not be sold through the channels provided by for this purpose because you do just as described above.

The book, called “How to Think Sideways Lesson 6: How to Discover (Or Create) your story’s market” was rejected in prmera instance by having hyperlinks directed to the store’s competitor bitter in the world of selling content, Amazon.

However, after having eliminated the author of the book was again rejected. The reason: Even mentioning the giant of internet sales.

After that, Holly just got fed up and took all the contents of the away from Apple as a condemnation of what he saw as an injustice, and “a lack of professional behavior of a pro shop.”

Link: Apple says no to Amazon eBook That mentions (Know Your Cell)

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