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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

Apple removed from the App Store application that seeks to “cure” homosexuality

Setting Captives Free is the name of an organization led by Mike Cleveland, which aims to teach the word of the Bible and bring people to God, showing a very deterministic position and adheres quite the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Now this organization is in the eye of the storm following his application for mobile phones with Android and iOS , which distributes free online courses for the treatment of which they say are various diseases that keep a person from God grogas abuse, pathological gambling, eating disorders, self abuse and homosexuality.

It is this last point that the alerts turned public opinion to treated as a disease that can be cured by following courses in the mobile phone, which are daily reflections that the person should read in the course 60 days, after which learning is assessed through a questionnaire that must pass.

That is why the organization All Out in favor of sexual freedom began a campaign to collect signatures to download the application, after which they got the take out service tool. It remains only version for Android Setting Captives Free , but probably will be lowered soon as the terms of use of the service require that any application release any form of discrimination.


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