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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Patents | 0 comments

Apple seeks patent for voice personal assistants

Apple seeks patent for voice personal assistants

They say that in the future, humans will interact with computers (and maybe robots) through conversational dialogs as if you were talking to another person, achieving execute actions and get answers from teams. It is a dream of humanity that has appeared countless times in novels and science fiction films. Now, wants to patent.

Because of the bitten apple company presented a 51-page document in the where detailed what they call “Intelligent Automated Assistant,” which is basically conceptually, but more idealized. The next sentence in the document says it best:

“Approaching the user in a conversational mode and integrated using a natural dialogue, and invoking external services when appropriate to obtain information or perform actions.”

This description is quite general and in fact coincides with the communication technology with machines through speech, appropriating the concept. The subject is just beginning and we will see if the is granted to Apple, which would trouble many companies of today and tomorrow.

Link: Apple pursues patent for Siri voice command tech (ipodnn)

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