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Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in Companies | 0 comments

Apple spent U.S. $60 million to restore the brand ‘iPad’ in China

Apple spent U.S. $ 60 million to restore the brand 'iPad' in China

cc @ Apple

Some time ago we have around here that a Chinese company called Proview International Holdings have sued over the name of their tablets: It turns out that people had registered in Proview brand in 2001, which were entitled to use in the Asian country.

Turns out to “bring peace party”, the boys from Cupertino Proview offered $16 million to restore the brand, but the ambitious Asian requested more than 60 million Americans to forget about it … Something to that of Apple had refused until now.

The People’s Court of Guangdong, which had asked the companies to reach an agreement, announced an end to the dispute: Apple would have paid $60 million to solve the problems and not to delay the full recovery of the name “iPad” in China, thereby expanding that country would have no problems in that respect.

I think it’s good news for Apple, though it cost good money, because the end this episode lets you concentrate on your business in the Chinese market, and thus prevent further progress rivals such as South Korea’s Samsung, for example . Meanwhile, the company Proview has gotten away with it, so they must be more than happy with the solution of the problem.

Link: Apple settles iPhone trademark dispute China for $ 60m ‘ (BBC)

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