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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Companies, Design, Equipments, Patents, Tablets | 0 comments

Apple UK Court: Apologize for real

Apple UK Court: Apologize for real

Snow White the is not the only poisonous knew. And that that samsung tablets “are not as cool” as the iPad was not meant to convince anyone, so we knew. We did not know was that the apple taste stale receive back when the in the UK, responsible for one of the many conflicts of the company against Samsung, forced him to issue an to South Korea’s true.

Thus, the phrase that has recently emerged pride from the bowels of has riled judges, apparently, have no plans to make any consideration after this act of creative indulgence of spoiled children of the and have therefore issued a request according to which Apple should publish on its website and in its print a new explicit recognition that has copied the of their products and have established that the unfortunate statement where the company Samsung teases saying “is not such “is not only” wrong “but also” not true “.

Thus, Robin Jacob, in the case, said “I can not imagine that a company like Apple could fall into this. It is a clear breach of the order. “

Samsung has been quick to echo the words of the court to say, through his legal team, that the words of Apple’s initial statement “give the impression that the British court is totally out of step with respect to other cuts, “referring to the fragment where the Cupertino remember that both Germany and the United States courts have ruled in favor of Apple.

In short, the UK court has put Apple in its place and has given a lesson to like what famously said: “Make sure that your words are always the sweetest, if you ever have to trag├írtelas”… They will issue the creators of iPad a new release?

Link: UK Court Orders Apple To Replace Its Samsung-Related Acknowledgement. (PocketNow)

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