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Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Apple wants to eliminate sites that sell access to betas of IOS

Apple wants to eliminate sites that sell access to betas of IOS

Typical. Have an or an iPhone and want to try the latest announced by Apple, but it’s how because you’re not a developer. However, there is always the alternative that many makers, and end up buying betas activations development getting at prices much cheaper than the cost of an official signing.

This clearly does not like Apple, you see how many people break the rules of use of their dev accounts, selling software prior access to unfinished or approved for widespread use, so that the Cupertino company decided to start taking action and end this.

The company is throwing yet against these websites that offer this service, motivated by an article in magazine that showed the true reality of these markets eventually cause activation legally established see a disincentive to pay $100 that they are required to access this software legally.

And the threats are not coming. Many major independent developers come together to demand Apple for these bad practices, ensuring that if the platform does not care, they lose interest in it.

Of course, the owners of these sites – some have up to 30 developer accounts that provide 100 slots each, sold in 5 or $10 for a year-long access – are planning to organize to resist this move by Apple, creating safer and more private ways of developing business and not lose this lucrative source of extra income.

Did you buy once your access to Beta this way? How important to you that Apple would not allow you access this mode to test the software to prepare?

Link: Apple goes after selling sites Activations for iOS 6 beta (IntoMobile)

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