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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

Apple will allow developers to transfer apps to other developers

Apple will allow developers to transfer apps to other developers

i’re a developer, this news you may be interested in greatly. As from now, Apple will be able to transfer the you develop with other devs so that they keep working on it without affecting its availability in the App Store.

In the hypothetical case that an internet giant come and buy your development, your contract is over or that the joint distribution for apps you developed it got another person for the job – hopefully not so – you can send this application to your new maintainer using iTunes Connect. In this way the new App Developer inherit, their qualifications and all revisions made ​​by users without that nothing of value is lost.

To make these transfers your account must be active, accepting all contracts, the application must have been approved at least once even if it is available right now, you should know the that will receive the application, and a couple of other requirements really easy to meet.

Thanks for sending this, Rodrigo!

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