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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Patents | 0 comments

Apple would license patents to Samsung offered $30 for every smartphone sold

Apple would license patents to Samsung offered $30 for every smartphone sold

Documents discovered at the pinnacle of the lawsuit between and raise openly the approach that Cupertino had to the Koreans, which provided an outline of settlement that Samsung had to pay $30 for every Smartphone sold and $40 per tablet due unauthorized use of in that he is guilty and at the time – mid-2010 – Samsung on their computers.

This authorization implied license usage rights to enforce these patents in products based on Android, Bada, Windows Phone and Symbian – at that time was Samsung Symbian products – and contemplated a reduction in the price of royalty if it was maintained more than two years or if Samsung defined license to make a cross, allowing access to Apple technology of South Korea under similar conditions.

This would have been offered as a solution following the explicit warning that the U.S. did in relation to what they defined as “copying of patent” without authorization from Samsung.

Apple estimates that in 2010 this would have represented a cost of $250 million, far below the price you are paying right now only on account of lawyers.

The Apple brand is seeking compensation of USD $2,500 million in damages.

Link: Apple Offered to license patents to Samsung STI – for $30 per Smartphone (FierceWireless)

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