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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Application to generate trade-offs in camps generated unanimous rejection in social networks

Application to generate trade-offs in camps generated unanimous rejection in social networks

What would you say if you propose a smartphone application that seeks to eliminate the use of money in camps and create links in the community? It is probably complex to digest because it may sound crazy that this initiative. Well, that same is happening in social networks, where a project by a Chilean university students has been awarded precisely to generate the dynamics in this environment.

The application in question is called “barter” and came under the wing of the course “Leadership and teamwork” offered by the University Finis Terrae, which promotes the interaction of students of different races to interact to generate multidisciplinary projects.

The idea behind this software was created to run on smartphones, is to enable the inhabitants of these camps can exchange “objects, goods and services without money involved,” creating – precisely – a trade.

The site of the university, in its official statement, slogan statements of their own students in ensuring that the purpose of this application focuses on “making every person feel useful camp and appreciated, since the cost of each object is determined by themselves. For example, a plate can be exchanged for a service such as mowing the grass in the garden. “

The project just caused a huge rejection in due to the significant barrier to entry – as users – would be forgetting these students in their project, which was rewarded and promoted for their house of studies: In the camps, given its composition and quantity of social deprivation, there are many other priorities before having a smartphone.

Link: Leadership and Teamwork (Finis Terrae)

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