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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Ebook Readers | 0 comments

Applications to use our Android device as an electronic book reader

Applications to use our Android device as an electronic book reader

With the increasingly large screens of our phones and, above all, with our excellent tablets one of the many uses we can give to our portable devices is to use as e-Reader, and eBook. Play In Google we have several for it. Here are some options and all free:


The reader Amazon has everything you need to read your e-books: annotations and underlining, notes, dictionary, bookmarks, table of contents, font settings, brightness, colors, searches, etc.. The only “but” is that it only reads Amazon’s own format, mobi, but it is very easy to change the format of our books.


One of the most popular and beloved by users. A reader simple enough for most users. It has an extensive library from which you can unburden books, many of them free. We also have the option to view our library in a colorful shelf.


Another of the most popular e-readers. The free version has more options than Aldiko: line spacing, font scaling, borders, themes, multiple page changes, customizable operations, etc.. As above, we may download thousands of books, some free.


A huge database of free e-books ready for download. The addition of this application is to monitor our reading habits and give us the statistics.


As usual, we may download books directly from the app. With less “frills” graphics that many of the previous gains in speed. Simple but effective.

These are just some of the applications that are available you What do you use? What you recommends?

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