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Are pictures of an alleged Nexus tablet made by Asus

Are pictures of an alleged Nexus tablet made by Asus

It gives me many questions, and I find extremely hard to believe, but according to PhoneArena these are photos of the project that brings together and after a common good: The first of the family to reach the world market.

It shows clearly that the area became blurred where it is announced that a picture is confidential, but left intact the area showing the course team in your area that has a black back crowning the upper third. Not note if it is plastic, but assume that it is. Oh, and seems to aluminum, although it could be of plastic construction.
Are pictures of an alleged Nexus tablet made by Asus image 2

On the front, the inspiration is remarkable and obvious. That thing could very well be a computer designed by Samsung, which could indicate some influence from Google to achieve this result, taking it to Androids success in the global market.

The rumored tablet born of this concubinage between Google and Asus have his belly full of for the friends – and would be 7 inches, with a screen resolution of 1280 X 768 pixels, a Tegra 3 inside and 1GB RAM that would make things run smoother. The price? Approximately $ 300, although it is believed that if you’re the lucky ones who go to Google I / O could come back to this convention with one in your suitcase.

Link: Alleged drafts press image for the Google Nexus tablet emerges, to sport Android 4.1
(Phone Arena)

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