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Posted by on Jul 28, 2012 in Reviews | 0 comments

AS111 and AS351 Philips Fidelio At First Sight

AS111 and AS351 Philips Fidelio At First Sight

Two speakers especially designed to run on Android devices have passed through our hands, and instead of explaining them in relevant thought show them to text on video, allowing you to take a better impression of their capabilities.

The Fidelio AS111 is a small circle with a Flexidock speaker that connects any computer with microUSB without major complications. LED watch has a very well hidden when turned off, which is topped with a soft light that gives lower a touch of highlighting.

Surprisingly good sound despite its size. With only 4W RMS power this gadget is brilliant and filled with a smooth medium room with music without distortion … Even at full volume.

The Fidelio AS351 is a bit bigger and looks more imposing than the supposedly more basic model. However, the sound just was not satisfactory at low boost and set aside mid and high frequencies, that when the bluetooth connection is unchanged, because – at least in this unit – turned out to be extremely unreliable, which made the Songs were cut and the sound is not continuous.

Oh, and – of course – this unit also has Flexidock.

The AS111 Fidelio may have the best price-performance ratio that exists in the market today in talking to Android devices.

However, the 351 delivers something the other does not offer: Option for use with batteries. 4 AA batteries enough to have about 5 hours of battery without connecting the computer via microUSB, which most welcome to accompany outdoor walks or any other institution.

Both make use of the application Fidelio – downloadable from the App Store – created by Philips to extract even more party and increase its practicality.

Do you have 140 seconds? Watch this video where we show these docks.

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