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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Accessories | 0 comments

Assumed filtered front cover of the new iPod Touch screen 4.1 “

One company that manufactures components for filtering that would be the front cover of the next Touch, revealing important data about the final design will see this device: it has a of diagonally.

This differs from the 3.5 “historically used by Apple today, something is bound to affect the design of the 5 – if that’s her name – because they always expected a uniform size between the line and iPhone.

The photography coincides with previous reports that gave clues to a larger iPhone at 4 inches , something that many analysts take for granted, leaving only confirm if they will increase from 3.5 “to 3.9″ or 4.1 “as stated This filtration.

The same viewed from the rear panel.

Link: Purported fifth-gen iPod touch panel slips out, shows a tall 4.1-inch screen that’s Possibly iPhone-bound (Engadget)

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