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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Design | 0 comments

At Samsung say that the Galaxy S III was not designed by lawyers

At Samsung say that the Galaxy S III was not designed by lawyers

Consequent to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III , many felt against the external of the phone, arguing that it was not only aesthetically deplorable, but would also have been designed by for the company to avoid lawsuits from Apple, who is seeking to appropriate the idea of black rectangles with rounded edges equivalent”, or something equally vague.

Now, through the Vice President of Design Chang Dong-hoon, the company has come out against this idea by stating that the Galaxy straight was not designed by lawyers, and that development was five years before the current date Release of the mobile, so it was not thought of one day to another in search of muddle through.

Clearly it was true about lawyers is very difficult for him reconociesen Samsung, so it will always remain in doubt whether it is that the was really well designed “from scratch” or took into account the disturbing presence Apple and its demands to give the final design.

Link: Samsung: ‘Lawyers Did not design the Galaxy S III’ (Engadget)

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