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At six years of iPhone launch

At six years of iPhone launch

Cuesta sizing sometimes how fast time passes. It seems like yesterday when took the stage to present a phone that would revolutionize the mobile market industry revolution that resulted in the final rise of smartphones.

From the June 29, 2007 our use of the mobile phone changed and regardless if you are using a Blackberry Z10 a Lumia or hate Samsung S4 and the Cupertino company, must know that the culprit of what you have-in part – is Apple.

At six years of iPhone launch image 2

The success of the was, to put it in a way-rude. The first team was being sold only in the United States soon had to land in other regions, destroying in a few months with market shares that for years had kept other manufacturers. Remember when Leo Fayerwayer bought the first model of iPhone in U.S. . States.?

One of the most enviable of having an iPhone is the simplicity of the interface, interface has been little controversy over evolution-concept that has been common at the end-user during these six years.

At six years of iPhone launch image 3

This year has decided to restructure many things about the role played by the iPhone in the mobile market, mainly because it has been losing ground and the lack of innovation who often accompanied his pitches. Faced with these problems, saw the light creating a climate of controversy and planting what will be a new iPhone in the world north, not only in terms of software, but also hardware level.

What do you think of these six years? What will be the future of the iPhone?

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