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Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

AT & T would be testing the Nokia EOS under the code name ‘Elvis’

AT & T would be testing the Nokia EOS under the code name 'Elvis'

Some time ago a rumor circulating that plans to launch a phone with 41MP after that remarkable essay called Nokia 808 PureView .

This is because the Finnish business phone with 41 megapixel camera monstrosa had the small detail that came with Symbian , now discontinued, with the last phone OS Nokia . Given this, for months it is rumored that the Finns are planning to launch 41MP PureView Pro, but with the Windows Phone operating system.

Now, the latest round of rumors about this phone, codenamed Nokia , we point out that “numerous sources nearby that have had the phone in his hands” claim that the U.S. carrier AT & T would be testing the phone under the codename ‘ Elvis’.

These rumors do not add much to what has already been saying: The phone will have a 720p OLED screen, 32GB of internal storage, a millimeter thinner than the 920 (minus the part that will feature more powerful lens hump) , build 10322, and no microSD card slot, but with the ability to take two pictures simultaneously, one of 35MP and one with lower resolution in order to share more easily.

Link: AT & T testing Nokia EOS as codename “Elvis” while details leak (PocketNow)

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