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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

AT&T orders his employees to offer other teams before an iPhone

AT & T orders his employees to offer other teams before an iPhone

It’s funny, but it is a practice so foreign to the reality of other countries. AT&T, formerly launch partner for the iPhone, now denies its existence and requires its employees to offer anything else before selling an iPhone.

Just like that. If you enter a store and ask the telco specifically an 4S – or perhaps a iPhone 4 – may be surprised by the vehemence with which you will be offered another device with similar characteristics based on another operating system. It is a higher order delivered from parent to make this strange move.

The idea behind this, at least, as they say in the operator, the customer would make an informed decision and then keep the phone of your choice. However, the move could be a company’s effort to reduce artificially the Sale of this equipment to lower their own costs of operation and give exit to stagnant inventory based on and Windows Phone.

Interestingly, other operators appear to be reducing their numbers of activations of the iPhone, although it is uncertain as to whether this decline is also to be an internal decision or – really – people are preferring other alternatives.

Link: AT & T tells staff not to sell STI the iPhone (Know Your Cell)

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