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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Australian judge considered “ridiculous” the dispute between Apple and Samsung for the 3G

sued for allegedly infringing three patents relating to the Korean technology transfer via 3G. In the Netherlands the issue turned out fine and Apple will pay , however, in Australia, things might not have the same result.

Judge Annabelle Bennett stated that the dispute is “ridiculous” and that the best alternative is to mediate rather than take the issue to court. The first hearing of the case began today and is expected to last about three months.

According to Samsung, Apple refused to pay a license for a technology that allows mobile phones to perform multiple tasks such as receiving calls while you upload a photo to the internet. However, according to Apple they were willing to pay, but Samsung refused to accept payment.

“Why are happening these procedures? It’s just ridiculous. Why should not order that the parties go to mediation? “Said Judge Bennett, waiting for a response to the topic before the week is over.

The same dispute that is now developed in Australia will also be decided in the United Kingdom and the United States and is part of the legal fight that both companies are in parallel with the fight for greater market share of their smartphones and tablets.

The legal dispute began in 2010 when Samsung launched its first line of smartphones Galaxy, with Apple claiming that the Korean company had copied the iPhone. Although the relationship has become complex, Samsung remains one of the largest suppliers of parts for Apple.

Link: Australia judge calls dispute over Apple-Samsung 3G ‘Ridiculous’ (Bloomberg)

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