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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Australian Police alert now launches Google Maps

Australian Police alert now launches Google Maps

A few days ago, the Australian police launched an alert to users of Apple iOS 6 on incorrect information that could lead them to pass through a dangerous area completely barren, where authorities have had to implement a series of bailouts for motorcyclists stranded in situations where “partially mortal.”

Now, authorities in Colac, a city in the district of Victoria, Australia, have done the same with Google maps, noting that the application directs people to a place called Wild Dog Road, one-way road that was not designed for heavy traffic, which represents a “significant security problem for tourists and locals.”

Given this, a Google representative said that the information provided by the maps that address to that place only appear when the destination is located right next to Wild Dog Road, so if not, users can see other options available, as Skenes Creek Road Apollo Road or Forrest, avoiding transit through the happy zone.

Although the danger of the new finding is significantly lower than reported a few days ago, the police said that this is to prevent any risk, and that it would not help when a truck full of people out of the way and finished in the coroner.

Link: Australian police issue warning About Google Maps (Slashgear)

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