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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Companies | 0 comments

Axtel at risk of bankruptcy by million dollar debt with Telcel

Axtel at risk of bankruptcy by million dollar debt with Telcel

The telephone company could be at risk of losing all their money and falling into bankruptcy, then it is possible you need to cover a debt of more than USD $ 2,000 million (U.S. $ 155 million approximately) for failure rates with company of Carlos Slim.

The amounts, corresponding to the period 2008-2010, will be reviewed by the Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel) in the coming days, as the intent is finalize the matter before letting him place the new Federal Telecommunications Institute (Ifetel) performances that will come sometime in the next few months.

On the disappearance of Axtel, Cofetel commissioner Jose Luis Peralta, said in an interview with CNN Expansion that is aware of the problem of telephone Monterrey, but added that “Axtel due to its economic forecasts” to circumvent the risk of . For now, the company led by businessman Tomas Milmo said he does not have the supplies needed to meet the payment of USD $ 2,000 million.

In early February, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Axtel denied a number of shelters to avoid paying the debt with Telcel. Despite this, Milmo hoped that the new Ifetel take over the case and eliminate debt, a situation that may not happen if the Cofetel is determined to give solution to the case before disappearing.

Axtel is the second fixed line operator with more users in Mexico, but their numbers are greatly reduced in comparison to the presence of Telmex, who holds a 80% market share.

Link: Axtel alerts bankruptcy Cofetel (CNN Expansion)

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