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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Tablets | 0 comments

Barnes & Noble Nook stop making HD

Barnes & Noble Nook stop making HD

The Nook Tablet and HD + Barnes & Noble she released last year will be the last of its kind manufactured by the firm. The company announced in its financial report that are seeking a partner to co-produce and co-brand Nook, as a measure to stop the financial leakage caused by these products.

The idea is “significantly reduce the losses in the segment Nook” taking less risks related to device fabrication. Barnes & Noble will continue designing and manufacturing their own e-readers in general (Simple Touch and Glowlight), but in the most competitive market for tablets in color, will be a second involved the not yet know the name.

Meanwhile, the company will continue to sell its inventory of HD and HD + Nook at competitive prices here at least until year end. In the same way, are not intended to sideline its users so it will continue to provide updates and improvements without any inconvenience.

The truth is that Barnes & Noble could not cope with the competition in its segment, which has brought losses totaling about $ 475 million. And much of that loss comes because of the backlog that has not gone to the shops.

Link: Barnes & Noble Reports Fiscal 2013 Year-End Financial Results Fiscal 2013 Retail EBITDA Increases 16.0% to $ 374 Million (Barnes & Noble)

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