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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

BlackBerry 7 based computers will drop dramatically in price after BB10

BlackBerry 7 based computers will drop dramatically in price after BB10

We’ve said it before, but it never hurts to remember: The current based phones can not be upgraded to BB10, for the new operating system is not set up to work on the platforms that are currently being marketed.

And yes, we agree that a BlackBerry with BB7′s not something we can define as a cheap computer right now, so if you do not want to buy a device based on 10, but also want a new device out of the bowels of RIM, probably the best advice you can follow is to wait until after the release of the new phones to go to your carrier and buy.

This follows a report from that ensures that “is making changes to adapt its equipment line to current market trends. With this, has set the reduction of tariffs for services and will begin shipping phones without hiring a special plan to attract non-business consumers. “

The same report says that RIM these efforts are aligned with a drastic reduction in price to sell a high volume of BB7 devices to effectively expand its market share. The Canadian will give a few more years of maintenance to these phones before removing the Support for these teams, which does not rule out making new handsets – perhaps with some BB7 or evolution – thereby offering new users who see in them good input devices.

In his latest installment of financial results, RIM accused have lost a million subscribers to its services, but remains strong in emerging markets in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America, which has allowed the Canadian figures remain stable pending developments on January 30 will arrive from New York. What do you expect?

Link: BlackBerry 7 to Receive Price Reduction for Further Market Share Expansion (N4BB)

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