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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

BlackBerry A10 “Aristo” in stores since November

(Cc) Dennis Wong

CNET confirmed what was an open secret in the mobile market. If you are someone who has followed the evolution of in recent months, perhaps you’ve heard that the company plans to launch a phablet in the second half, and that his name would key.

The arrival of this equipment will leave the Z10 as a team of small size, but not necessarily be very different in specifications. The team will have a big screen, and slightly improved interior compared to the Z10, a team that will become medium to count the A10 release.

Of course, now it is called A10 not mean it’s marketed that way. That ended up being Q5 – QWERTY input that team presented at BlackBerry World – was preliminarily known as R10, and was codenamed Rainier. Finally became Q family, so well could pass A Z “anything” at any time.

The first reports say that A10 should say this in the market for hand, an updated operating system that is planned for later in the year. However, in November seems somewhat distant a date for her to happen considering that 10.1 came just months after the launch of BB10.

The source says November is the date chosen for the arrival of this device, and that the United States will go with – at least – direct catalog on that date, although it is known to be offered worldwide. Arrival is speculated that Sprint will be somewhat late, and versions team could be in late October in other operators in England.

How about having a BB10-based computer with a screen – at least – an inch? For some, 4.2 inches in a world full of huge equipment is very little, and A10 would the answer to your requests.

Link: BlackBerry’s next flagship phone: The all-touchscreen A10 (CNET)

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