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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

BlackBerry App World now will only “BlackBerry World” and will include music and video

With just time for the appearance of BlackBerry 10, RIM is organizing events around the world to promote it. During the BlackBerry Jam Asia, held in Bangkok, Thailand, the company announced the name change from “BlackBerry App World” to “BlackBerry World”.

The change will add two new categories of content, music and video, which will be added to applications. Something similar happened with Google Play, which added books, rent movies and other content to what was originally the Android Market.

RIM said it has agreements with Baidu, Kantana and Fox Sports to provide content to the store, and that will add more partners in the short term. The company will also provide tools for porting developed for iOS or Android BlackBerry easily. The “gold release” Development Kit (SDK) is scheduled for December 11, and those interested in creating applications for the platform can be registered in the ” Built for BlackBerry “, ensuring that certified Android this system will win USD $ 10,000 in its first year. Otherwise, RIM will pay the difference to developers.

Link: BlackBerry App World renamed to BlackBerry World; Now includes music and videos (IntoMobile)

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