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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

BlackBerry BB10 confirms that it will take to PlayBook

BlackBerry BB10 confirms that it will take to PlayBook

There goes the dreams and hopes of many who wanted to upgrade the only team capable of operating with in the near future. announced this morning that it had ruled out the option of upgrading to 10, the mobile operating system that gives life to the Z10 and Q10.

The main Nevertheless, this does not mean the death of the tablet, as the CEO of the company – Thorsten Heins – said he will continue giving updates to OS, the operating system of the tablet.

This bad news comes along with showing the economic results of the company for the past three months, a period in which the Z10 was available, and that market expectations filled. This caused the share price of Canada down sharply in the bag.

What does this mean for the immediate future of BlackBerry? Some time ago we learned of the intention of the company regarding the business aside from the Tablets to focus fully on a concept of “mobile computing” centered BB10-based devices. Leave the BB10 project for PlayBook could be interpreted as a step closer to this vision, but – surely – comes as a disappointment for those who hoped that BlackBerry would not leave behind.

It did not.

Link: BlackBerry announces BB10 is not coming to PlayBook (CrackBerry)

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