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Blackberry Launch and Z10 prices made Argentina

Blackberry Launch and Z10 prices made Argentina

Today was officially the in and it was learned the retail price and some features that will have the expected in the country.

Also reported to be manufactured in the province of Tierra del Fuego from the second half of 2013, although these units are only to supply the local market. Also is evaluating whether it will manufacture the Q5 and Q10, both with a physical keyboard and in the case of the second, oriented to the corporate segment.

The Z10 presented today will be available from June 10 in the three local operators, although staff reported only that will market price: CA $ 3,999 (U.S. $ 755) with a plan to AR $ 299 (U.S. $ 56).

During the presentation, the Director General of Blackberry for the Andean region and Southern Cone, Juan Cardona, said that this region now accounts for 18% of the global turnover of the Canadian company.

Empowering Blackberry in Argentina with the success of the 8520 and 9300 models in the youth market, prompted them to highlight the country as an ally in the development of new strategies aimed at developing a community of programmers. Five Tech Centers installed in universities across the country, which are joined by two more in 2013, also part of the strategy to create value from applications, in a market where they sell 12 to 13 million units year.

If the Z10 is one of your candidates to choose any of the tanks are coming to market this month in Argentina , we leave the very comprehensive step by Wayerless laboratory , this new team of Blackberry.

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